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Charlton Dental Associates | April Newsletter in Sandy Lake

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April Newsletter
AGD Member

Years ago when I started writing my newsletters called Charlton Chats the focus of most of those musings were about my children.  Well, that seems a long time ago!  My children have grown up, James is a seasoned and veteran teacher, having spent six years in the classroom in Clark County Nevada.  His home is in Henderson, a city that nearly surrounds the busy city of Las Vegas.  Dana, my second oldest, has completed dental school and is nearly done with her orthodontic specialty residency.  In December she will complete that training and begin her career as an orthodontist.  I don’t know where she will practice just yet, but we’re hoping it will be nearby.  My youngest son, Eric, is an artist who is studying ceramics at Kansas State University.  He has accepted an offer to attend Syracuse University in the fall.  There he will work towards a master’s degree.

My Charlton Chats have always been focused on a story that I’ve connected to a dental message.  So whatever these guys are up to just doesn’t seem to fit the criteria for a cute little story with a message attached.  However, I would like to introduce you to my granddaughters!  My son James has three adorable daughters.  Annabelle is the oldest at seven years, second is Gracie who is five, and the caboose is Nellie.  The youngest will be nine months old this month.  The older two certainly keep things interesting when Lynn and I visit them.  Of course, little Nellie just causes her grandparents to watch in awe of how smart, attentive and athletic she is at such a young age.

Gracie and Annabelle love when Papa Denny takes them to the park.  I guess they love all the activities that I come up with to get them outside and busy.  The park is one of the most favorite.  It’s about half mile away from their home and we always walk there.  On the way we have to explore the many sites between the house and the big swings.  There is an empty lot where we can find the best walking sticks.  There is a dirt pile, or “climbing mountain” if you’re only 5.  There is also a skateboarding park where my granddaughters will often marvel at the skills the teenage boys have developed.  The housing development also has a very nice swimming pool.   

Annabelle is a sweet, loving and often shy little lady.  Gracie is bolder, the youngest for five years but now the middle child.  Gracie has learned to speak her mind.  I actually started a little note document on my tablet of things she has said and done.  All of those recorded Gracie-isms are interesting.  

Several years ago my wife Lynn took the girls to the park.  She positioned herself on a bench where she could keep an eye on the girls but let them play without constant adult supervision/interference.  Lynn observed the girls playing with a couple of older boys.  The crew was across the playground from where she sat and she couldn’t hear exactly what was going on.  Lynn could see quite well from her seat and she observed from that distance the boys first talking to Annabelle.  After a short while, Gracie joined the group.  Lynn thought she looked very cute as she stood before the “big” boys with her hands on her hips and talking to the guys.  They appeared to be listening to little Gracie and whatever she had to say.

Lynn decided to approach the meeting of young folks to see what was going on.  The boys saw Lynn and immediately left the area.  As she got to the girls another adult came up to her.  “Are these your granddaughters” was the question queried by the man.  Thinking he was going to tell her how cute they were she proudly claimed Annabelle and Gracie.  The man went on to tell Lynn that he overheard the exchange between the boys and the girls.  The boys had decided to bully Annabelle and were telling her to leave” their” part of the park!  Gracie tuned in to the confrontation and decided to step into the situation.  One of the boys told Annabelle he was going to “punch her in the nose” so Gracie turned the tables on him.  She stepped up and told that boy “I’m going to punch you in the nose if you don’t leave my sister alone.”  I think Lynn showed up on the scene at just the right time to keep from finding out who would win the actual fight between little Gracie and the big boys. 

Taking a stand when faced with adversity is an important lesson to learn.  Gracie has learned it early in life, but we all need to be more aware of the possible problems that we will face in life.  Dental adversity comes in the form of disease.  Both dental decay and periodontal disease can be controlled by meeting the problems with direct preventive action.  Daily brushing just isn’t enough to control disease that occurs in the mouth.  The spaces between your teeth can’t be completely cleaned if the teeth are touching together.  Dental floss fits between teeth and below the gum line to meet the disease problems head on.  Other aids such as mouthwash, floss picks, and fluoride can also aid in the battle. 

I’ve recently begun recommending electric (either rotary of vibrating) toothbrushes to further aid the daily cleaning of your teeth and gums.  You must be certain to use soft bristles on your toothbrush whether it is manual or electric.  Soft bristles can be used to clean the teeth effectively and also are great for brushing along the gum line.  

FYI, Gracie and Annabelle have started using electric toothbrushes just this year and are dealing with the threat of tooth decay as effectively as Gracie dealt with the big boys in the park!

Sandy Lake Dentist | April Newsletter. Dennis Charlton is a Sandy Lake Dentist.