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Charlton Dental Associates | January Newsletter in Sandy Lake

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January Newsletter
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A 2011 Video Chat


My grandchildren visited over the Christmas week and their visit reminded me of this Charlton Chat that I wrote a few years back. As I reread it I decided it would be a good newsletter to recycle. I trust you will enjoy!

My granddaughter, Annabelle, just turned four in November and she recently discovered the magic of video chatting. She constantly makes the request of her parents to get Nana and Papa on the computer so she can see them and talk. In a four year old mind, every time she wants to chat dad should drop everything and fire up the program. I guess it won’t be long before she’ll be learning how to do that herself.

Thanksgiving evening we had one of those video chats that was kind of special. After the drive back to Sandy Lake from the big family gathering in Pittsburgh, my son James, Annabelle’s dad, called to say the girls wanted to do a video chat. James lives in Las Vegas so this was the closest we could get him on this Thanksgiving Day. My other two children, Dana and Eric, were home for the big feast and the trip to see Grandma Charlton and their aunts and uncles in Pittsburgh. In addition, we also had Dana’s hubby, Dan, and my brother Larry as part of the chatters. We all gathered around the computer for the chat event!

When we connected Annabelle was front and center! Her little sister Gracie was just barely visible as she was standing on the floor and only the top of her head showed. She complained she could hear Nana but couldn’t see her. Dad lifted her into view and immediately she greeted me with a, “Oh, hello Papa!” James had the girls perfectly positioned so that Lynn and I could see them as we quizzed them about their day and the turkey and fixings they ate. From our end of the chat we took turns getting into the prime location to be seen by the girls. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to visit with the ability to see each other being the bonus for all.

During the conversation Lynn told Annabelle that she missed her and she wanted to kiss her cheeks and give a big hug. Annabelle’s quick response to Nana was, “Well, why don’t you come over then?” We spent a few minutes trying to explain to her that there was a distance between Pennsylvania and Nevada that took a long time to travel to. “You could just drive over to see us,” was Annabelle persistent response. The explanation that it would take three or four days to drive between our house and her house just never completely gets through to her. After a while she realized that Nana and Papa weren’t going to just pop into her house and she let that idea go.

When Dana was talking to Annabelle she asked her about a gift she and Dan had bought her a long time ago. Annabelle’s pink camouflage blanket became the object of the conversation. Dana just wanted to know if she still liked that “pink camo”. The instant she heard Dana’s question Annabelle replied, “I’ll be right back!” In 30 seconds she appeared with the blanket. Annabelle proudly held the blanket up so all could see it. The pink is very faded now, and it became obvious from the appearance of the worn and loved condition of the blanket, it was well used. James went on to explain that she takes that blanket everywhere she goes so it is never far from her sight.

Technology is fascinating and especially when it pays the big benefits like the video chat. I’ve tried to keep up with the techno-trend of dentistry in the office. We were one of the first offices to use the Cerec in-office crown fabrication computer. We have fully digital (paperless) offices in Sandy Lake and Meadville. Digital x-rays pictures that insure 75% less radiation and have better pictures than any film system. Most recently, I added a digital intra oral camera for better documentation of any situation in your mouth. I’m experiencing this video chat technology frequently and I’ve witnessed a four year old child learn just how it all works. (Granted, this is my granddaughter and she is very bright! LOL) The benefits of technology are here and now at our offices.






Sandy Lake Dentist | January Newsletter. Dennis Charlton is a Sandy Lake Dentist.